Friday, February 22, 2013

A Sap Season To Remember

Sap season is a big part or our science, math and history and my mother has made a curriculum to fit all of the above, she says hand's on training is  best way to learn, not only are we learning  but we are the third generation of  maple syrup  makers. About  the end of  February my dad and Pa pick a day for dad and two of my brothers Levi and Zeke to help  clean out  the sap shed  that resides on my Pa's property. When all cleaned out and they have washed the pans, it is ready when ever it will be needed. I'm going to tell you sap season that stands out in my mind was a couple years ago. We had already cleaned the sap shed and hung the buckets, when Pa and Granny Annie where called a way to visit a dear friend  that was feeling poorly, there stay got a bit longer, when Pa's friend got worse and past on to heaven. This left my mom and I to run of the  the sap shed which she called the sugar shack, while dad, Levi and Zeke did the collecting of the sap mom and Zeke made syrup for the first time from start to finish, Levi had already made syrup many times before with our dad being the first of the third generation syrup maker in the Somero  clan.
Zeke is bringing  out the clean buckets to start our 2013 Sap Season !

Levi and Zeke are setting out the first buckets of the year, in our field.

 here is dad  washing part of the evaporator pan.
 Next is the tapping and hanging buckets. Now we need cold nights and warm sunny day, so the sweet sap may fill are buckets. This is my Pa hanging a bucket he is the head honcho.

My elder brother Brian has come back to help us tap and reminisce  of the old times he helped dad and Pa .
Dad and I drilling. I'm the first girl of the third generation to drill the hole and hang buckets.

Zeke is putting on the sap covers

Pa with Uncle Adam who is also adding covers. Uncle Adam helps when ever he can.

 Pa, Uncle Adam, Levi, Zeke and my Dad.

Zeke and I are  collecting some of that sweet clear sap.

dad filling the gathering tank in the back of his truck.


The higher the sugar count the less boiling it should take to make maple syrup

The Somero  sap shed is boiling.


Levi testing to see if it is syrup yet


Mom making syrup

A gentleman that my dad called cousin Tim from CA. came, he and my brothers collected sap  I think he really enjoyed being a part of it all

 Jeff Aho another maple sugar maker  stopped by for a vist

Levi canning syrup

 Mugs and Andy came

 Mom keeping the fire going

My dad and mom standing in the sap shed door way

I am  bring the bottled syrup up to Pa and Granny Annie's house

We are visiting Jonny and Karen sugar house