Monday, September 14, 2015

My School Year Summery 2014-2015

Being that Maine is full of art, it's not unusual to see a artist by the shore,  this time we got to interview a lady with pastel chalk, the picture she did was beautiful .

My School Year Summery 2014-2015

   This school year while at Arcadia National Park on Schoodic Peninsula in M.E. , I was able to interview a group of scuba divers who were filming Sea Urchins to make documentary to be used later for a course in marine biology. The funny thing was they were from N.H. :)

My School Year Summery 2014-2015

We Where lucky enough to go to the 5th Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium where Sculptors all around the world have a 6 week time  limit to make a sculpture for the new sculpture trail of Maine, all finished work is spread through the region. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Maple Leaf Rosa Buds

                               Here are some easy steps to make your own Maple Leaf Rosa Buds

                                                     Step 1 : a damp or a fresh leaf

                                                     Step 2 : fold  one side over
                                                     Step 3 : then fold over the other side

                                                     Step 4 : flip the tip of the leaf down

                                                     Step 5 : fold the folded leaf in half

                                                     Step 6 : roll leaf tightly

                                                     Step 7 : put a pin in your rolled up leaf
Step 8 : do the same steps again but before you roll it up put the other leaf down the roll up together
Step 9 : repeat as many times as you want :) 
we used a large leaf and princess pine to finish the bouquet but you can use what you think looks good for you :)


Monday, June 9, 2014

My School Year Summary 2013-2014 11 of 11

                                                                    Bridges In S.C.

         Another beautiful day in S.C. spent with our friend the Andersons, exploring the nature that God has made. We started our day at The Campbell's  Covered  Bridge in Landrum S.C, that was built in 1909, this bridge is the only remaining covered bridge in S.C.
Later that day we also went to Poinsett Bridge just outside of Tigerville S.C. this old stone bridge is one of the oldest extant bridges in S.C, the bridge includes a 14-foot Gothic arch and stretches 130 feet over  Little Gap Creek. We picked up a hiking trail, we saw many  wild  flowers, I even saw this awesome lizard that changed colors to fit its surroundings, we came out just above the stone bridge at Camp Old Indian.
Being the end of my summary of SC I want to give a special thank you to my big Brother Brian & my sister-in-law Shannon and our very good friends the Andersons for our wonderful adventures :)
Thank You

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My School Year Summary 2013-2014 10 of 11

                                                     S.C. Botanical Gardens
                      While in S.C. we also were able to get to the Botanical Garden, enjoying a spring day with our fiends the Anderson's, the Camellia trail was all in bloom with spectacular color, my friend Sierra and I picked a few flowers for our moms, we put a Camellia in the snowball flower that we picked along an earlier path. the Emerald Snow shrub smelt so sweet all in bloom, the pond with the man made island was full of turtles sunning by the water edge.  The blooming Dogwood trees were stunning . We were a bit  disappointed that the hunters camp was under construction so we were not able to tour it.
Peters Rabbits Garden
I took this picture for my Aunt Jen, who is very special to me <3, we share the same love for Beatrix Potter and here in S.C. Botanical Gardens they have their very own Peter Rabbit Garden :) and hear I am enjoying it ;)
Love you <3

My School Year Summary 2013-2014 9 of 11

                                                                  The Woodburn Plantation house

                       We also visited another plantation know as the Woodburn Plantation, in it's day it was a very large horse plantation, while walking the grounds, that have grown up leaving bits of history with its stone walls, mounting blocks, slave quarters and the carriage house. There was a small slave quarters home , not far from the main house that Jane Edra Harris Hunter was born raised and educated in. For Master Smythe  had hired a tudor for Jane and many other black and white children from Woodburn and other neighboring plantations. Jane went on to become a nurse and founded the Phyllis Wheatley Association, an organization formed to help working girls. The main house we were not allowed to take pictures of the inside, but on one of the grand porches stood a long long board, held up only by the ends, no support in the middle what so ever the guide said it was the courting bench, the first date the boy would sit on one end and the girl on the other end and each date they would move down one space at a time until they would slide in to each other and they could steel a kiss.