Thursday, May 15, 2014

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                                                              Ashtabula Plantation Home

            While in S.C. our good friends the Andersons invited us to go to a reenactment in Pendleton S.C. it was a old plantation, the two story Ashtabula house was built in 1790 by Thomas Lofton.   The reenactment was a raid by the Union Calvary under the command  of General George Stoneman at this time the plantation was owned by the O.A. Bowen family , In search of President Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Cabinet, who were believed to be traveling though the Upstate to evade captured by Union forces at the end of the Civil War. As the Union soldiers approached,the woman of the house hid their silver and fine china along with any other valuable commodities, sugar being one of them. It was good to here the perspective   of the Southern side, being in the Northern side you only here the northern side of the war.
              As we toured the Ashtabula home with the high ceilings and the extremely  large windows, we were told they were built for ventilation purposes, by the tour guides that were dressed for the era. The dinging room was uniquely elegant, where the other rooms were more simplified, the bedrooms upstairs were set up so the nursery/childrens room was directly across from the  house slaves sleeping quarters, this house had three house slaves, the wet nurse,the head cook and the maid slave. Being they were not allowed to use the main stair way,they had there own stairway connecting to there rooms leading to the kitchen. the wife of the planter was the educator of her children when they became of school age this plantation had a school room built next to the summer kitchen.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

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                                                                        The Count Down

                                 Being my brother Brian is a large hockey fan of the Greenville Road Warriors in S.C. he goes to nearly every game but this time he took all of us. The team invited Skyla who is 6yrs old and Battling Leukemia to do the count down, Brian and Skyla were invited to sit in the box with all the players.

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                                                                   South Carolina Trip

                 March brought us to S.C. To visit my brother Brian and his wonderful family. My sister-in-law  Shannon and their four children along with my mom and I were fortunate enough to go and visit the historic city of Charleston,  where we took a carriage ride down the coble stone roads viewing many historical  homes and learning many interesting facts about them.
                  We stayed at Folly Beach Hotel on the 4th floor over looking the Folly Beach Fishing Pier, we had a awesome afternoon of enjoying the sand, sun and waves, even a dip in the pool before walking the strip of gift shops and enjoying the southern cuisine.
                    Back at our hotel looking from the balcony the Folly Beach Fishing Pier was all lit up. there was the sound of waves crashing against the pier as the tide was coming in , with the warm breeze blowing through the sliding glass doors , that my mother refused to shut!!!!!Haha!!
                    Waking to a beautiful sunrise, looking forward to exploring Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter situate on a island in Charleston Harbor. Our tour include a narrated history of Charleston and many points of interest of historical significance, this is where the Civil War began, April 12th 1861 at 4:30am.
Carriage tour through the Historical Charleston S.C. 

Folly Beach S.C.

The ferry ride and touring  Fort Sumter

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                                                             Ice Fishing Derby On Flanders Pond

                   Flanders Pond had their First Annual Ice Fishing Derby, at the same time we were schedule to go to our camp in Maine, being our camp resides on Flanders Pond I singed up for the fishing derby I caught some nice big fish  and had a great time with my mom and dad.

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                                                             Working At Karen's
                             One day a week I work for a awesome lady named Karen she is the bomb :) her and her husband own Morning Star Maple,  Karen makes and sells maple products. I have made maple candy, packaged candy,  labeled syrup and helped host special events like Maple Weekend and the Round Robin. I love being a apprentice to a wonderful Christian lady.

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                     On the road again heading for Ohio for the Great Portable Sawmill SHOOT-OUT.    My dad is competing in the shoot out running a Baker Sawmill, with my brother tailing ( tailing is catching the boards ).  My P.E. Jo-Lynn style is working out at the hotel daily and swimming in the pool. :)

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                                                                   Closing Camp

              Closing camp for my friend and I, consisted of digging clams with my dad, sight seeing in Bar Harbor and a little night fishing on the dock.

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     All though I'm doing all the normal school curriculum, we do not follow the age or grade system, if we excel in one of are classes, I'm aloud to go ahead of my grade level, like even though I'm in 7th grade I have finished my pre-Algebra and I have started Algebra 1 witch is a 9th grade requirement.  I also excel in History and Reading, I took a Spanish class this year and did well in hopes to take French this coming year, even though I struggle with English I'm hoping that doing this blog will help. I'm doing a Summary of some of the fun and educational places we have been to.

                                                       York Beach

               We stared are school year with a trip to York beach with my friend Jenna who is also Homeschooled.