Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My School Year Summary 2013-2014 10 of 11

                                                     S.C. Botanical Gardens
                      While in S.C. we also were able to get to the Botanical Garden, enjoying a spring day with our fiends the Anderson's, the Camellia trail was all in bloom with spectacular color, my friend Sierra and I picked a few flowers for our moms, we put a Camellia in the snowball flower that we picked along an earlier path. the Emerald Snow shrub smelt so sweet all in bloom, the pond with the man made island was full of turtles sunning by the water edge.  The blooming Dogwood trees were stunning . We were a bit  disappointed that the hunters camp was under construction so we were not able to tour it.
Peters Rabbits Garden
I took this picture for my Aunt Jen, who is very special to me <3, we share the same love for Beatrix Potter and here in S.C. Botanical Gardens they have their very own Peter Rabbit Garden :) and hear I am enjoying it ;)
Love you <3

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  1. Oh, how very sweet!! I am glad you thought of me and shared these sweetest of photos. I love you.