Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Maple Leaf Rosa Buds

                               Here are some easy steps to make your own Maple Leaf Rosa Buds

                                                     Step 1 : a damp or a fresh leaf

                                                     Step 2 : fold  one side over
                                                     Step 3 : then fold over the other side

                                                     Step 4 : flip the tip of the leaf down

                                                     Step 5 : fold the folded leaf in half

                                                     Step 6 : roll leaf tightly

                                                     Step 7 : put a pin in your rolled up leaf
Step 8 : do the same steps again but before you roll it up put the other leaf down the roll up together
Step 9 : repeat as many times as you want :) 
we used a large leaf and princess pine to finish the bouquet but you can use what you think looks good for you :)



  1. Good job Jo-Lynn, Thank you for making it for me, Love you

  2. Thanks for posting! Now I can try these one day with my girls! Love you!

  3. Sweet, Jo! A lovely bouquet!!